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We are a new kind of seed stage fund. We believe in the power of science to radically shape the future. We believe that the most revolutionizing companies in the coming decades will be science and frontier-tech based. And most importantly we believe that these companies have the potential to affect millions of lives in the process.

There has been a shift among investors mindset to invest in the same traditionally safe asset classes. As a group, investors have forgotten a fundamental role they play in the evolution of technology. We aim to break this paradigm by focusing on long-term returns that positively impact humanity through science based interventions.


Sectors: Biotechnology, Drug-Discovery Platforms, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Genomics, Sensors, Drones, Space, Exponentional-Tech

Stage: Pre-seed / Seed

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We are commited to changing how we invest in science


Javier Noris


Ramphis Castro

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