How are innovators disrupting healthcare?

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Vator Splash Health Conference:

How are innovators disrupting healthcare?

Javier avatar 7a142510f329990068a573ba676ca69b58e2268ba6fec2a346c8265984dff76dJavier Noris wrote this on Feb 19, 2016

Want to meet the ScienceVest team? Then come join us at the Vator Splash Health Conference taking place Tuesday February 23rd at the Kaiser Center in Oakland.

The event is a who is who of the health entrepreneurship community. Top VC's and innovators in the space are on the agenda as speakers. After the event we will head on over with the attendees to Lake Chalet for happy hour. For more information head over to the vator event page here . We hope you can join us and register here to attend.

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